Quick Look at Unity Multiplayer with PUN2

What is involved in a multiplayer game?

  • Game Loop — process input and make changes per frame
  • Position things — as the game progresses things move around the screen
  • Animate things — many games have animations, the animation controllers have to ensure the correct sequence of animations are played
  • Game loop detects the trigger being pulled
  • Animate — The arm might moves slightly and the gun kicks up a little
  • A bullet is positioned at the muzzle of the gun

Photon PUN v2

PUN Tutorial

Photon Views

Photon Views
  • Discrete — value is sent 10 times a second
  • Continuous — every frame (forms a queued buffer of details)

The Observer

Photon View

Extending Components with IPunObservable

Implementing MonoBehaviourPunCallbacks and IPunObservable
Custom data


Unity, VR, Enterprise and .Net Developer

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Paul Marsh

Paul Marsh

Unity, VR, Enterprise and .Net Developer

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