Keeping clothing separate to your model mesh with Character Creator

Paul Marsh
2 min readJun 15, 2021
German Tunic

A typical way of creating a character for your game is to take a 3D model of a person and craft the clothing onto it. That works well. However, it can be a little expensive if you want to create variations. For example, I have a Second World War German soldiers tunic, how can I easily make multiple variants of people wearing that tunic?


In this example I am using Reallusion Character Creator that allows me to import my Tunic as separate stand-alone object. Once imported I have converted it into a Character Creator Accessory. The accessory understands the spatial difference between its mesh and that of the underlying human figure. It does this, partly, via ‘Skin Weights’.

German Tunic as an Accessory

Once set as an accessory I can now create many variations of the character models for my game project in a matter of seconds.


It is not a completely free ride to getting variations of your models. You do have to slightly correctly them, or ask for the clothing to ‘Conform’ to the shape. But it is significantly quicker than re-modelling each time.