Boss with Nested Objects

My Xevious Boss is an object with five child, or nested, objects. To convert this into an MLAPI object I added a NetworkObject to each node, i.e. one for the root Boss and one each for the nested objects. When I instantiate the boss, or in MLAPI terms Spawn the…

Today I was slapped in the face by MLAPI.

I have been happily testing Xevious using each individual level since essentially the levels contain the different types of enemies I need to make “network-ware”. However when I tried a complete run-through of the game it did NOT work.

Levels & the hierarchy


Who gets the points?

In my previous article I talked about how you can achieve better performance by creating projectiles locally when compared with creating a server instance and keeping them synchronised with the clients. But what happens when the projectile actually hits something, who gets the points associated with killing the enemy?

Projectile Ownership


In my previous articles and video I demonstrated how to synchronize the enemy between the co-op players. Essentially it is about the Server using MLAPI Network Object and Network Transform.

Simplified Enemy Network Sequences

This works well for the enemy because the majority of the logic (firing, moving, etc.) is all held within the…

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